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Marek Żochowski  673m  90/100

The Super Sniper 2013

event will be held on 13.10.2013 as a part of the SND competition.
No equipment classes!
Number of participants: 27
The participation is for those, who took 1-3 place in triathlon, 1000m & 1200m in both equipment classes (standard & magnum) in the Poland Cup 2013; altogether 18 participants. The remaining 9 competitors will be chosen via lottery-drawing from all participants who took part in the seventh edition of the SND competition.

If one competitor owes premium place (1-3) in several categories of the competition, he will automatically take part in the event; and the vacated premium place in the remaining categories will go to another participant chosen via lottery-drawing from all participants who took part in the X edition of the SND competition.

Lottery-drawing will be held before the beginning of the competition, i.e. 13.10.2013 at 8 a.m.


Shields will be set up on 550m-750m distances.

Distance to the target will be announced on each of the 27 shooting positions.

Target: nt-23p 500mm x 500mm shield

Number of shots: 10
Timing: 20 minutes

The participants draw a number of the shooting position. After having drawn the shooting position, they take place before the shooting positions, on the holding areas. Unloaded gun with empty magazine can be taken out of the case, but the slide must be held in the rear position, and bipod must be folded

After the "START" command, participants hold the drawn position, where the chart with the target distance will be placed (it is allowed to use one's own rangefinder)

Time will be measured since the "START" command is given by shooting conducive.

Only shots that hit the scoring points on the target will be counted.

The larger number of shots will result in disqualification.

Crossing the time limit will result in taking away points scored in the best shot.

Individual classification:

Places: 1 Super Sniper SND Cup, exemption from all admission fees and training costs in 2014

In case of other matters, the chief  SND rules are in the force.

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