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Rules XIX

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Rules of shooting event "Snajper Nowa Dęba", 19th edition
July 2020

Aim of the competition:

The aim of the competition is propagation of long-distance gun shooting as well as experience exchange and integration of uniform and sport groups. The event aims at improving officers and soldiers' skills via mutual competitiveness and popularizing event on the civil ground as well. During the event the best shooter will be constituted.

Organizer of the event:

Bureau of Podkarpacie District Management LOK in Rzeszów


-   Shooting Club 'Kasztelan' LOK Rzeszów
-   Shooting Club 'Strzelec Kubik' LOK Mielec
-   Reserve Soldiers Club 'Ogniomistrz' LOK Mielec

Where and when:

10-11.07.2020 - Nowa Dęba, Military Training Field Centre
Infantry rifle-range


10.07.2020, 9am
- Training for registered competitors who have contributed admission fee

11.07.2020, 9am
- Beginning of the event
- the end of the event

The detailed schedule will be available after the registration of the competitors.


-   arm: 222-458 caliber center-fire rifle, except for 'magnum' as a separate equipment class
-   ammunition: using tracer, armor-piercing, and other types that are unauthorized in sport shooting is strictly prohibited!
-   No trial shooting!

Shooting no 1:

Distance: 300m  (500x500mm) shield

Posture: free
Timing: 10min
Number of shots: 10

Shooting no 2:

Target: SND 600 (750x750mm) shield

Distance: 600m
Posture: free
Timing: 10min
Number of shots: 10

Shooting no 3:

Target: SND 800/1000/1200 (1000x1000mm) shield

Distance: 800m
Posture: free
Timing: 10min
Number of shots: 10

Shooting no 4:

Target: SND 800/1000/1200 (1000x1000mm) shield

Distance: 1000m
Posture: free
Timing: 10min
Number of shots: 10

Shooting no 5:

Target: SND 800/1000/1200 (1000x1000mm) shield

Distance: 1200m
Posture: free
Timing: 10min
Number of shots: 10

Classification in each competition and in triathlon, in which the total amount of points gathered in shooting no 1, 2 and 3

Additional information available in chapters 'costs of participation' and 'various matters'

Shooting procedure

-   After the signal, participants take the position and get ready for shooting
-   On the 'Load!' command, participants load the magazines and attach to their guns
-   After the 'Start!' command, participants perform shots according to the conditions suitable for shooting no 1, 2 and 3
-   After the 'Stop! - unload!' command, participants unload guns and enable referee to make inspection
-   Every shot performed before the "Start!" and after the 'Stop!' commands will result in a 10-point takeaway

1.   A participant shoots to one shield from one declared gun according to shooting no 1, 2 and 3 conditions.

2.   Organizer allows the possibility of shooting from one gun set used by two participants.
3.    A gun may be leant (not attached/screwed) on one free object brought by a participant. Backpacks or pods may be used to lean the gun. The total weight of additional equipment (without gun and ammunition) used by a participant may not exceed 4,5kg, and it may be the subject of control by a referee.
-   The back part of a gun cannot be leant on the ground and on the additional firing rest (in case of manufacture-fixed or made rests, they will be sealed up, unless they are not dismantled).
-   benchrests, rests, skypods, permanent bases made of metal or any other material, permanent unfolding rests screwed to a gun are not allowed.
4.   On the shooting position the competitors may only have the amount of ammunition required for the particular shooting. Having the additional amount of ammunition will result in disqualification.
5.   Gun or ammunition failure is only a competitor's matter.
6.   A gun brought to the shooting position should be carried in covers, cases or carrying boxes. If a competitor uses any of them to lean or stabilize a gun, it will undergo weighting with the rest of equipment.
7.   Leaving the shooting position with a gun is possible only when unloaded, checked by a referee, and put in a cover, case or a carrying box. Non-compliance will result in disqualification.
8.   The course of shooting may be recorded by audio-video devices. The material will be available only for the referee's staff. It is not the subject of publication or distribution; it cannot be used for any other aims than organizational use of "Snajper' Nowa Dęba.
9.   Any sorts of gun overhauls and repairs may be made only in the fixed safety zone.
10.   No live ammunition, practice ammunition, fake ammunition in the safety zone is allowed. Non-compliance will result in disqualification.
11.   While moving in the rifle-range zone, guns should be carried in covers, cases or carrying boxes.
12.   In case of controversial matters, the final decision will be made by the chief referee of the event.

Companies, institutions and private individuals registered on time, having constituted admission fee and owing suitable firearm permit may participate in the event.


-   Individual


-   for the 1st places - cups for each competition: 300, 600, 800, triathlon (300, 600, 800), 1000, 1200m
-   for the 1st-3rd places - remembrance medals
-   for 1st - 6th places - remembrance diplomas

Date of entries:
-   Registration via Internet on the Website up to 15.06.2020. The number of participants is limited.

Costs of participation:

-   Participants cover the cost of trip
-   Admission fee - 300 PLZ (incl. 22% VAT tax)
-   The admission fee includes regenerative refreshments during the Friday's training and the Saturday's competition
-   Additional fee for 1000m competition - 100 PLZ
-   Additional fee for 1200m competition - 100 PLZ
-   R
egistration fee will be collected before the competition starts .

Various matters:

1.   The admission fee will not be returned to the registered participant in case of resignation.
2.   Only registered participants who have contributed admission fee can take part in training on 10.06.2020.
3.   In case of grater number of participants, the organizer has right to carry out a qualifying round which will take place during the 1st 300m shooting. In order to qualify to the longer distance shooting, it will be necessary to hit at least 75% of the best result in 300m shooting. If the organizer deems pay-off in a qualifying round necessary, the 600m shooting will take place. In order to qualify to 800m shooting round, it will be necessary to hit at least 75% of the best result in 600m shooting.
4.   A participant who has contributed additional fees and has taken part in shooting 1, 2 and 3 is allowed to participate in additional 1000 and 1200m competitions.
5.   Organizer opens the magnum class on condition that at least 10 participants have registered.
6.   Gun for "Magnum": 222-50bmg caliber centre fire rifle.
7.   The rules of assessing the hits are in accordance with ISSF regulations.
In the case of shortening the training by the army there is no refund.
 - In case of cancellation of training or competition by the start army will be refunded, but the organizer does not bear travel and accommodation costs.

According to the 32nd article of the 27.08.1997 Personal Data Security Act (Bills' Register 2002, No 101, position 925 with following changes), since the time of sending registration application, a participant gives his consent to process his personal data for organizational and promotional use of shooting event NOWA DĘBA.  

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